The Cat In The Hat : fun things for kids!

The Cat In The Hat : fun things for kids!

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Dr. Suess (Theodore Geisel) has a birthday just around the corner March 2nd. In honor of this literary occasion I have put together some activities, art projects and snacks for you to do with your child that go along with his most well-known book- The Cat in The Hat.  The silly antics of That Cat in The Hat and his two sidekicks Thing 1 and Thing 2 are silly and timeless-I really feel these books should be part of every child’s library.











“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny. But we can have fun, Lots of good fun that is funny”

Here are several, very budget friendly, things you can do with your munchkins to celebrate – enjoy!


Snack– Most kids love fresh fruit so you don’t really need to entice them to eat it, but how about these Cat In The Hat Kabobs for a mid-day snack. I simply sliced bananas and strawberries and alternated them on wooden skewers that I cut in half…make sure to be careful of the pointed end!

Tip: use your egg slicer for slicing strawberries — easy and each is the exact same thickness.


Snack– Thing 1 and Think 2 cupcakes. Prepare your favorite cake mix according to package directions in red cupcake liners, frost and top with a puff of blue cotton candy. Tape on a small circle of white paper that you have labeled Thing 1 and Thing 2 of course! I made these for a class treat when Miss Sarah was in kindergarten… they delighted the kids beyond words and we will definitely be making them again.


Art– Tape resist painting.  Use a sharpie to draw a basic outline of the famous Cat’s hat.  Use painters tape to mark off the white stripes. Provide your child with red paint, a paint brush and instructions to paint over the tape onto the hat.  Once dry, peel off painters tape, and cut out hat.

Art– Use a recycled can large or small, cover in red and white strips of paper, set it with the opening upright on top of a circle of white paper or craft foam.  This can be used for holding pencils, crayons or even games! We used a large can that I had in the recycle bin, it made a perfect size for our game later.

Art– Thing 1 and Thing 2 Hand-prints -Paint your child’s hand white in the palm, and blue across all fingers and top of palm- press down onto paper- repeat.  Wash off hand, turn paper around, paint childs hand red except for thumb, press down with top of palm just touching the bottom of white paint that you stamped. Allow to dry, draw in features with a sharpie, provide you child with two white circles of paper with Thing 1 and Thing 2 written on them, glue to their red shirts.

Activity– Provide your child with the following writing prompt “ If the Cat in The Hat came to my house I would…” and have them write a paragraph or two outlining the plans they would have for him. If your kids are too little to write on their own let them dictate their story to you and write it down exactly as they say it.. what a fun keepsake. Seeing your words written is a  powerful way to encourage pre-reading skills.

Activity-Cat in The Hat Bowling- Use small plastic milk or juice cartons or toilet paper tubes.  Have your child paint them top to bottom in red and white stripes or glue alternating strips of red and white paper on. Use any little soft ball you have on hand to take turns bowling with the “pins”, then set them back up for each other.


Activity-Cat in The Hat pompom toss- Use the can we made to look like the cats hat earlier in our art project, place it in the center of the floor, tape off “ throw lines”, take turns tossing red and white pom poms into jar. Everyone chooses a color and see who ends up with the most of their color at the end.

Activity- There are many silly things that happened in the Cat in The hat book like balancing all those objects.  Play a safer version of the game of balancing  things like disposable plates, cups, stuffed animals, and pillows in your hands and on your head. Have a contest to see who can balance the most objects at once.


Sensory Bin–  For Cat in The Hat of course you need a base of red and white to represent his hat! I used  pom poms because we always have a ton of those on hand for arts and crafts projects but you could use shredded paper or tissue paper, red and white beans, marbles, or even colored rice or pasta.  I threw in a couple of blue puffs to represent Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Cups and spoons for scooping and pouring-great fine motor activities. I included straws and they quickly realized the fun in blowing pom poms across the  floor using the straws.   I cut a goldfish from craft foam to represent another book character. When making a sensory bin for a book I like to place a copy of it nearby for encouraging reading and re-enactment of the story.

I hope that gives you a few, fun ideas for the kiddos — below you will see Additional Cat in The Hat Resources


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