BlueBerry Jam

BlueBerry Jam

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I have shared with you before that Miss Sarah has a food allergy – she can’t eat fresh fruits or vegetables without reactions (except grapes and bananas). SO — I do a lot of “out of the box” things to get produce into her…including a LOT of preserves.

Today, we made BlueBerry Jam!

I had blueberries still in my freezer and pulled them out yesterday. I put 4 1/2 cups (out of 6) into my big pan and started at them with the potato masher…just trying to break a few open.IMG_20131364

Then, comes the lemon juice. I prefer fresh squeezed — and one small lemon gets the two tablespoons I need. I whipped out my press and, you have to put them cut side DOWN into the press.


A quick squeeze and you are looking at this:


Toss them down your garbage disposer and freshen it up.

meal plan month one

OK, juice was measured out and added to the berries — then mashed some more. You NEED to mash them and get the juice out so you can make the jam.


Then, get your jars prepped — because the rest of the jam goes FAST. Boil jars/lids/rings.


Once the berries are mashed, add 4 cups sugar, rest of the berries and 1 teaspoon cinnamon. I have recently started using the Cinnamon-Vanilla seasoning from Tupperware and LOVE it.


Stir it all together and cook on Medium High for about 10 minutes…


Now, I add 2 (3oz) boxes of pectin and bring it to a boil for 1 minute.


Ladle it into your clean jars…


Add the tops and rings…


Put the jars back into that boiling kettle, making sure that the water is over the tops of the jars. Boil for 5 minutes and remove.


You will hear the sweet “pings” of your jars cooling.


That is how easy and simple it is — and that little bit of spice really adds “zip” to it!
Now, I just need to pop some 12 grain toast out and rip into the jam like a monkey on a cupcake.