8 Great Summer Grilling Tips

8 Great Summer Grilling Tips

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8 Great Summer Grilling Tips

With summer in full swing, here’s hoping your grill is getting a workout so far this season.  In case it’s still covered and collecting dust, here are 8 great grilling tips to help you break it out and start grilling now. So, get out there and grill it!

  1. Clean it.  Get out that amazing grill brush you got in the gift set but have never used.  Clean thoroughly and make sure to scrub off last summer’s remnants.
  2. Oil it.  Get out the cooking spray or vegetable oil and rub all over your grill grates.  This keeps food from sticking and makes it easier to clean up for next time.
  3. Cut it.  When grilling vegetables, cut them into larger pieces, strips, and chunks.  The goal here is to keep them from falling through into the flames or coals.  Use a grilling basket if you have one, they work great.
  4. Coat it.  :Marinades are super for summer grilling.  Just be careful with sugary barbecue sauces and marinades made with honey or brown sugar.  They burn quickly and end up tasting really bad.
  5. Leave it.  Burgers, steaks, and even chicken needs to cook on both sides evenly. Try your hardest not to flip these proteins too early or too frequently.
  6. Heat it.  When using your gas grill, keep an eye on the temperature and don’t go over the 500 degree mark if you can.  If you need to close the lid to finish cooking something, watch your items so they don’t overcook or burn.
  7. Flavor it.  Mesquite and smoky flavored wood chips are great for grilling to add an extra flair, but be super careful and don’t overuse them because they are strong and can overpower your food.
  8. Sauce it.  Using a small sauce pan on your grill to keep marinades, sauces, or even side dishes like baked beans warm can help speed up your barbecue and save the use of your stovetop

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