7 Ways to Teach Your Teenager to Avoid Peer Pressure

7 Ways to Teach Your Teenager to Avoid Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is so real for teenagers. When you hear this generation faces way more peer pressure than any other generation thus far believe it. They have it coming at them from every direction through online and offline peer pressure. With the same and very different vices available to this generation it is of the utmost importance for you to equip them with the necessary boundaries to avoid a peer pressure.

Theses are the seven ways we recommend for starters.

  1. Teach and raise them they are not better than anyone else however they are better than anything less than excellence. Anything which will disappoint you or shame them at any point in their years on earth is something not to partake in.
  2. Teach them about all alcohol and what effects it has on a person. Discuss liqueur, wine, moonshine, drinking games, weight vs liquor intake etc… Answer questions and share information until the every mystery of drinking is solved.

  3. Be actively knowable and have a presence on every social media your teenager has. You need to know the workings on each app.  If you cannot be not be their follower or friend on social media then they honestly do not need to be on that particular social media. For the record here are some popular channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, KIK, YouTube and Ask just to name a few. Check out this great articles to learn more. , and  Furthermore some parents even have fake profiles to manage and protect their teenager(s).

  4. Discuss the Mean Girls Club and Bully Boys Club. Yes they still exist and even reverse roles sometimes. It is very important your teenager knows they have options available to them and you need to go over scenarios and possible options with them.
  5. Get to know all their friends and their friends parents. Yes, the friends parents. These two things are so important on many levels. If you consider birds of a feather flock together then who is your teenager’s flock? Who are they guilty by association with? Yes, this may seem extreme however your teenager is one of you most prime possessions. Protect your investment. Again, protect your investment and protect it well. Know their friends at all cost. If you cannot know their friends that should be a red flag.
  6. Teach them and ensure them they can always talk to you about anything. Consider having an open door policy as well as a know questions asked policy under certain circumstances.
  7. Allow texting when they are not with you to be your open line of communication when they are with friends. Remember they can often text you message of importance and/or secrecy they cannot discuss in front of friends.

Again, the above suggestions are only starters. It is highly recommended to keep your ears and eyes open for more.

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