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6 Ways to Score Cheap School Supplies So You Can Bless Others

6 Ways to Score Cheap School Supplies So You Can Bless Others

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I love this time of year – all the colorful supplies to excite our munchkins to get ready to go back to school! Back to school season is in full swing and for most families, that can mean heavy spending on school supplies. School supply lists seem to get larger and larger each year which means that if your budget isn’t ready for those costs, you could really do serious damage to your finances. To help keep your costs low, you’ll need to find ways to save money on school supplies that your kids will need. To do that, use these 6 ways to score cheap school supplies the next time you head out to shop.

Sadly, many families can not afford this added expense and it is always great to pick up extra and bless someone else. I was able to participated in a fun campaign with Aldis and some great bloggers to do just that! We were sent gift certificates to help in our collection of goodies for others. We always support Luther World Relief Kits and you can read about them here.

Here are some tips to help YOU save on back to school supplies, stock up for that home office or future art projects!

6 Ways To Score Cheap School Supplies

Use coupons – Every year, right around back to school time, there are coupons that will come out to help you save money. You’ll find both insert coupons and printable coupons for everything from printer paper to ink pens. Using these coupons, combined with store sales can save you quite a bit. You may even be able to get an item or two free!

Shop office supply stores – Another thing you’ll see starting toward the end of July is massive sales at office supply stores such as Office Max. These sales usually combine their rewards program with a great price. Most of the time they will have penny items meaning that if you watch them carefully, you could pick up the school supplies your kids need for very, very cheap.

Buy in bulk – If you have more than one child to buy for, you may find it cheaper to buy your school supplies in bulk then separate. When it comes to school supplies, you will generally pay less per item buying them in bulk than you would if you bought individual items. For those with only one child, consider buying in bulk anyhow. You will save yourself a considerable amount of money later in the year when they need new supplies.

Buy generic – While you’re want brand name quality for certain items (crayons anyone?), for others such as pencils, erasers and highlighters, generic products will be the same quality. They will also be much, much cheaper. Pick and choose what you absolutely must have name brand on and buy the rest generic to save.

Shop Amazon – It might not sound like the greatest way to save money on school supplies, but Amazon can be a fantastic place to get great deals on them. You’ll need to make sure that you’re signed up as a Prime member and watch the prices very carefully so that when you find a great deal, you’re able to snag it up with free shipping.

Get cash back – Cashback sites like Ebates and Top Cash Back are another way to save money on school supplies. These sites get paid when you make a purchase and will turn around and pay you a portion of it. It won’t be a huge savings, but any savings is a great thing when you’re spending your hard earned money.

Buying school supplies doesn’t have to break the bank. You just need to pay attention to the deals and shop smart when you do. Do you have any other tips for saving money on school supplies? I’d love to hear them if so!

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disclosure: I was compensated for this post with a gift certificate that went to buy things for other children. All thoughts are entirely my own and we love to bless others.

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