5 Dangerous Apps to be Aware of As a Parent

5 Dangerous Apps to be Aware of As a Parent

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5 Dangerous Apps to be Aware of As a Parent
Social Media has become the epitome of teen’s lives and it seems that there are SO many different apps and platforms that you can express yourself online and through social media. Well, unfortunately in today’s scary world the internet, social media, and apps can be very helpful in the sense that they provide the ability to communicate with friends and family easier as well as assisting you in organization and efficiency in life BUT there can also be a lot of dangerous things going on in these same apps and they can be dangerous for not only adults but especially for our children and teens. Today I am going to be sharing with you 5 apps that could potentially be dangerous for your children and that you should be on alert about and monitor to make sure your children are not using them in a dangerous manner.
1. Snapchat: Snapchat is a fun app that allows you to take silly pictures and short videos in your snap chat and it releases to all of the people that follow you and after a certain amount of time the photos and videos disappear. This can be extremely dangerous for your children because they could be sending inappropriate photos to fellow classmates or possibly even someone posing to be another child their age and it could be very hazardous or it could be the reverse and they could be receiving photos of things they should not be seeing. You never know what your kiddos could be posting to snap chat so I would recommend if you do allow them to have a snapchat account that it is on private and that you approve all of the people that follow them and also that they follow as well.
2. Whisper: Whisper is an app where you can admit to/share anything and everything that you want and you do it anonymously. Now I know you wouldn’t think that this would be potentially dangerous for your children, but I am going to tell you how it can be. Well it’s quite obvious actually, everyone on Whisper is ANONYMOUS! Which means any type of strangers/predators can potentially talk with your children and sometimes children may not know that they cannot share certain information with strangers and they may on this app because they could be lured in and be coaxed into trusting someone that they should not be trusting.
3. Tinder: Tinder is extremely dangerous for anyone to use, but especially those of younger ages. Although they probably shouldn’t be on the app to begin with because they are young, it doesn’t stop them from getting on there unfortunately. Well, if you’re unaware of what Tinder is, it is well known as the “hookup app”. Basically you sign in and you basically just get a list of people and you can swipe left or right whether or not you decide whether you think they are attractive or not. After this you say where you want to meet up and you just meet up with this person that you have never met before! This is so dangerous because you never know who you can be going to meet up with!
4. Poof: Poof is an app that you can download and then you can hide other apps within this app. This is so dangerous for children to have on their phone because they could have apps on their phone that maybe they know they are not supposed to have and with this app they can hide them so that you are unable to see that they have them on their phone and they could be getting into all sorts of trouble.
5. Kik Messenger: Kik is another dangerous app for kids because it is an alternative to text messaging and it allows kids to have conversations with whoever they want to including strangers. Not only can they have conversations with whoever they want but the conversations do not save to their database so it is basically a way for them to get around their parents monitoring any texting that they may be doing on their phones.
Although technology and phones have made great improvements for our lives today but they can also be very dangerous if you are not careful with them, especially for children. If you have a little one that has their very own phone, be sure that you are monitoring their apps/text messaging to be sure that they are remaining as safe as possible.

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