25 Wedding Favor Ideas You’ll Love

25 Wedding Favor Ideas You’ll Love

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When you are planning your wedding and reception, you’ll love the variety our list of cheap and unusual wedding favours ideas will give you. A simple favor at each place setting, or even at the door of your wedding next to the guest book is a classic treat thanking your guests for helping you celebrate.  Whether you have a small intimate wedding or a guest list in the hundreds, we have found some of the most fun and affordable ideas for wedding favors.

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25 Wedding Favor Ideas You’ll Love

To begin with, our cheap wedding favors ideas list, we have to mention that this is not something everyone does.  It is, however, a great way to thank your guests and make them feel more included on your big day.  You’ll probably be arranging for special gifts for your bridal party, but these are items that every guest can enjoy.

  1. Specialty cookies.  There are tons of local bakeries who could provide you with a special cookie that features theme colors, or even your monogram for a reasonable rate.  You can then place in a fun favor box and have at each place setting.
  2. Personalized candy or candy bars. There are tons of ways to personalize candy.  Adding a favorite wrapped candy to a cute party favor box, or adding personalized wedding stickers to the candy can be a great choice.
  3. Bottle openers.  There is a wonderful selection of absolutely beautiful key shaped bottle openers that are ideal for a wedding favors idea that is inexpensive.  You can print a simple “thank you” card and attach with ribbon.
  4. Keychains.  These are especially great ideas for themed weddings or destination weddings.  A cute dolphin keychain or flip flop keychain is great for a beach wedding.  An Eiffel Tower keychain is a great choice to go with the love theme of a wedding.
  5. Individually packaged butter mints. These are always a great choice for leaving on tables at your reception.  Have the custom made with a monogram, or choose some simple wedding themed butter mint packages and order in bulk.
  6. Mini bottles of bubbles.  This is a classic choice instead of the old school bags of rice to throw at the bride and groom.  The mini bubble options out there range from basic plastic bubble bottles you can create custom labels for, to the fun champagne bubble bottle look that is unique and more themed.
  7. Seed cards.  These can be homemade seed paper, or purchased seed cards that your guests can then plant in their home garden.  They are a fun and unique wedding favors idea that will remind you and your guests of your love for months to come.
  8. Sand in a bottle.  This is the perfect idea for a beach themed wedding.  There are a ton of miniature glass bottles you can funnel sand into and add a cute label to with the wedding date and location.
  9. Lip Balm.  Let’s face it. Everyone needs lip balm at some point.  You can make a great homemade essential oil lip balm, or buy bulk lip balm and slap a fun custom label on it as a favor.
  10. Oriental Fans.  Those unique and beautiful oriental fans of days gone by are a super cute favor to leave at each seat for a fun outdoor wedding or reception.
  11. Fortune Cookies.  Fortune cookies are always a fun treat, and especially so if you buy the ones with wedding fortunes inside!
  12. Miniature or single serve preserves honey or jams. This is such great idea to send home with your guests.  You can often locate a local company, or even make your own unique preserves, jams, jelly, or organic honey.  Grab honey in single serve glass jars for a great price and add by each place setting with a custom label.
  13. Custom playing cards.  There are many companies that offer customized playing cards, or you can buy fun bulk playing cards for a magic themed wedding.
  14. Stress Balls.  While not a classic wedding favors idea, they can be a fun and unique idea depending on the couple and wedding theme.  There are even Emoji stress balls that come in bulk and are a cute idea.
  15. Crayons & Coloring Books.  Adult coloring books have become a huge thing in the last few years, and you can even find printable coloring pages online.  Create your own coloring books, and buy unique or fun crayons or colored pencils.
  16. Noise Makers.  Fun wedding themed noisemakers or brightly colored noisemakers are a great choice for any wedding.
  17. Candles.  Everyone loves candles, and you can easily buy simple glass votive holders inexpensively and add ribbon, a label, or another accent to customize for your wedding.
  18. Specialty soaps. A small favor box with a custom homemade or purchased scented soap can be a fun and unique gift that is ideal for an intimate wedding.
  19. Photo magnets.  These are great for weddings that have a fun photo booth.  Grab the instant printer for the camera, and have guests take a few pictures for the road.  Give them a photo magnet as a favor to keep that memory in for years to come.
  20. Henna or temporary tattoos.  For some couples, tattoos or cultural traditions like henna are a big part of their life.  Including these into their wedding by adding temporary tattoo options as a favor is a great idea.
  21. Geek or pop culture-themed gifts.  There are so many fun geek or superhero themed ideas out there to add including classic party favors like yo-yo’s all the way to dog tags and slap bracelets.
  22. Coupons for freebies.  Whether it is a free ice cream at a favorite local restaurant or a movie ticket to the local drive-in theater, this is a great option for a wedding favors idea for smaller weddings.
  23. Alcohol infused candy.  This is obviously only good for adults, but there are tons of fun options from chocolate liqueur pieces to the alcohol hard candy choices you can buy in bulk and spread around tables.
  24. Hawaiian Leis.  Another great idea for a tropical, beach, or themed wedding is to grab some great Hawaiian Leis to be handed out as your guests arrive at the reception.
  25. Puzzles or games.  There are tons of fun old school hand games and puzzles or brain teasers that are ideal for having at each place setting.  This gives your guests something fun to do while they wait for the bride and groom to arrive.

This list of great wedding favors ideas is just what you need to create a fun-filled wedding and reception that leaves your guests feeling appreciated and welcomed…but for even more unusual wedding favours ideas try this site HERE

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