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25 Things To Donate To Homeless Shelters This Winter

25 Things To Donate To Homeless Shelters This Winter

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Things To Donate To Homeless Shelters? The winter season is nothing to joke about, and if you are not careful, it could cause you a lot of harm and danger. The period can get to an extreme cold feeling, and not being adequately prepared can mean you will have some consequences to face. But other than getting prepared, you must first ensure the items you seek are capable of doing the tasks that need accomplishing. Staying warm is the ultimate goal. However, as you get prepared, have you thought of those less fortunate who are not able to get the things on their own, like the homeless?

There are millions of shelters around the world, and people end up there for many different reasons. But, the most important thing is that they are alive and still have plans for a great future. And, you can help them achieve that by bringing a smile on their faces and let them know that there is hope and that humanity is not all that bad. One hand stretch forth can make a massive difference in the life or lives of those living there. We all understand that sometimes cash can be limited, and giving may come with barriers. However, giving a little from the things you have at home is more than welcome.

25 Things To Donate To Your Local Homeless Shelters This Winter  

Reasons To Give

Restoring hope in humanity is the first reason why giving to charity is a good thing. It is the stepping stone to bringing smiles, joy, inner peace, and build trust. From there, we know that the world will turn out to be a much better place than it is. As you decide to give, you can choose between the various charities to do this. If you are low on cash, choosing from your home supplies will be perfect. Also, if it is hard to send the resources outside of your reach, your local charities or shelters would be grateful. You can either directly send it to the shelter or through the various agencies that set up collection stations during the season. A lot of people are just one paycheck away from being homeless, and with the COVID-19 issue, we learned that. We already talked about Dealing with Unemployment: 4 Changes To Make Now, and

What To Give

Packing the giveaway boxes or bags are not so complicated, and the things to put in are general items that are for basic human sustenance. When organizing, it would be ideal for putting in categories so it would be much better to sort out for the shelter staff and those in need. When packing, the most critical items to include generally comes under three categories, namely toiletries & bath, Hygenic, and general. Some of these items you can find on Freecycle and direct to a place that helps others.

Toiletries & Bath

As the name suggests, toiletries are sanitary items needed for health and cleansing. Some of these items to donate to homeless include:

Shower gel, Wash clothes – Taking a shower is vitally important to not only keeping fresh but also to benefit oneself healthwise.

donate to homeless toothbrushes

Shampoo – For hair washing (it would be a good idea to check with the shelter in getting information if medicated shampoos are allowed to help those who may have hair-related issues). If you get any beauty freebies, they are great to pass along.

Soap – This is mainly powder or liquid kind, which will use for washing and other sanitation processes.

Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Dental floss – The dental floss added is a means of assisting those who are unable to use the hard brush or may be allergic to elements in the toothpaste.

Toilet paper, Paper Towel – Just a basic amenity everyone needs

Hygenic Products

Hygiene is one of the essential parts of one’s existence as it is as though everything we do depends on how well we focus on this factor. As such, just as we need them to survive, so are those living in the shelters. When considering this giving gesture, this list may include:

Hair Combs – Appearance and personal upkeep will be the order for these items. They are for both genders and all age groups (a wide range would also help as not all hair types are the same).

Deodorant – When sending, bear in mind to send both liquid and powdered kinds just in case of allergic reactions of any kind.

donate to homeless diapers

Baby Wipes – Bear in mind there are babies in the shelters as well, and these are the perfect items needed for their health and survival. Also, it helps with sanitation purposes for all ages.

Tampons, Pads – These items are every woman’s needs. These will especially help all females who are currently in that range for menstrual health and comfort. Not many agencies give these away, so saving on the cost of purchase would be a lifesaver.

Diapers of all sizes – This item among all is one of the most needed for people to donate to homeless shelters, especially when it comes on to babies, the elderly, and those who solely depend on them for daily use. Range them for all sizes, all purposes, and if needed for medical use, you can first consult to see which would be ideal.


Just like other items, clothing, too, is an integral part of the list, to give to these shelters. As it relates to clothes, all sizes, age groups, and gender would be appreciated. However, in addition to the general clothes items, when it comes to winter, there are undoubtedly other kinds which should be added to the list to include:

Undies – These include the general underwear as well as padded undies for those who may experience bathroom issues due to medical or other reasons.

Socks, Gloves – Protection from frostbite is critical during this season, so that socks would help a lot with these. Also, keeping the feet warm helps in keeping the temperature of the body down as well. Also, the hands are critical in keeping warm to complete any activities, and with the forecast of snow, help to protect others from cramps and other similar issues.

donate to homeless warm socks

Winter coats – Going out during winter is inevitable, and as such, jackets are an excellent option to add in the package. Also, bear in mind some homeless persons will benefit from these shelters, and it will be cold out so that a coat may be a lifesaver for many.

Scarves, Hats – Hats are the ideal protection, especially when going outdoors. It keeps direct contact from the head with the snow.

General Items

Bus Passes – This may seem like a weird gift to donate to homeless shelters, but remember people travel to and from the homes (those living there) for either work, school, or medical appointments. Also, as the shelters receive this item, they will distribute it to other needy persons who have to travel daily and can’t afford it. 

Reading Glasses – For those who have issues reading clearly without the aid of glasses, these would come in handy. Have a pair or few at home you’re not using? Sharing won’t be so bad.

Instant Hand Warmers – Most of these are portable and can be carried around. With this, it helps to keep users warm on the go or even indoors while the time gets extra cold. 

Old Cell Phones – Have a cellphone you no longer use and would love to give it to someone? Your local shelter would be happy about it. They could give to those who are in need as a means of staying connected with those they love. After all, Christmas is a time for connecting and bonding with friends and family, right?! 

donate to homeless

Sleeping Bags – These may come in many forms as you can also donate sponges to reduce the risk of persons sleeping on the cold ground. Can’t manage to afford a sleeping bag or the sponge and have an extra mattress or bed you would want to give? 

Backpacks – This item is perfect for especially those who work or go to school and are genuinely in need.

With the many items noted above, other items may also be accepted or requested by your local shelters, and you can give accordingly. However, the most important of these is your time! Spending a few hours over would help those living at the accommodations as well as other homeless persons to know and realize that someone cares and love them amidst everything. 

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