Ukrainian Easter Egg Study Guide and Craft

I know this seems a little out there, but I have a Ukrainian Easter Egg Study Guide and Craft project for you to help celebrate Easter today. We will take an egg and decorate it – simply with yarn and turn it into a carrot. It is nothing like a true Pysaty, but it helps get the message across to […]

How to Focus on Your Health and Well Being..

How to Focus on Your Health and Well Being? Whether you are an established professional or a young student, it’s common to feel like you are losing yourself under the stress of daily activities. But even at being a widespread phenomenon, the feeling doesn’t have to be frequently present in your life. If you take some time to focus on […]

Gentreo Review: How to Save Money on an Essential Service

Gentreo is an online will service / maker that’s rather new to the market. However, this whole service sector is relatively new in itself. The awareness of online will makers as well as the popularity of these platforms is growing fast. It’s not a surprise considering that the pandemic reminded everyone about how important it is to have a will. […]

Easy Dollar Store Easter Candy Jar Craft

This easy Easter Candy Jar Craft is so easy to make and with a few simple supplies from your local Dollar Store?  You have transformed them into the cutest jars to fill with candy for special Easter morning treats. This isn’t necessarily one that you can do with the littles – it involves glass after all and a hot glue […]

The Best Ways to Save Money On Clothes

Save money on clothes? When it’s time to buy clothes, there are many options besides the upscale clothing stores. Save money by keeping several options in mind for clothes shopping. With the state of the economy, more people than ever are making an effort to be frugal. One of the biggest variables in a person’s budget is clothing, especially if […]

Easy DIY Carrot Treat Bag Paper Craft Project

I know an Easy DIY Carrot Treat Bag Paper Craft Project seems like something that screams Easter, but it is kind of a funny story. I have learned a lot about rabbits as I studied up for my post on rabbit hutches on my prepper site – The Complete Guide To Your Next Rabbit Hutch. So many people think of […]