45 Pantry Meals for Tough Times or Tight Budgets

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has made life difficult for everybody. Many are unable to go to the local grocery store to restock on the fresh produce. People are pinching pennies as they aren’t working and bringing in the income they had been. Canned goods and dried staples have been the savior for a lot of people, turning also to dried […]

Ozark Pie is a Budget Treat

I have mentioned before that on one side of my family, we are part Tennesee Hillbilly. We actually DO have a recipe for the best possum you could ever wrap your lips around, but we won’t be sharing that here. Ever. Even if I did share Our Easy 4 Ingredient Chili Dog Casserole a while back. While Ozark Pie is […]

Lemon and Thyme Chicken with Spinach Rice

We are all looking for something a little different right now, or we would be eating a variation of Hamburger Helper every night. Now that the Panic Shoppers and the damage they have done to our grocery supply are in the recent history, we can find things like boneless skinless chicken on the shelves again. Add a little lemon and […]

How to Make Southwest Chicken Wonton Cups

This Low Fat gem is both tasty and pretty darn easy to make! Southwest Chicken Wonton Cups are a go-to on our Tappas nights when meal planning. What is a Tappas night? It is a night we pull together an assortment of “nibbles”, or basically appetizers for dinner. We usually have freshly sliced cheese and crackers, grapes, and 2-4 hot […]

Unnecessary Bills To Cut During Job Loss

Bills To Cut? SOOOOO many people need help with this right now.They are facing an uncertain future with mandatory layoffs, have no income coming in, are looking at a mountain of credit card debt, as well as wondering how they are going to make their house payments. Life is about choices, priorities if you will; it is what we choose […]

Easy and Simple Kids Snacks Recipes To Make

There are 7 Ways Kids Learn from Cooking, so it is important to get them in the kitchen! If they are having fun, they won’t realize how much they are really learning. During this challenging time where we are all blessed to be “stuck” with the ones we love? These ideas for kids snacks can add up to a month […]