How to Throw a Princess Party

It seems like the magic of Disney rubs off on every little girl, and eventually? The request for a princess birthday party comes around. We managed to throw a magical event for a fraction of the possible cost and want to show that it is easy to create awesome memories if you know How to Throw a Princess Party. How […]

One Dozen Warm and Cozy Easy Winter Snack Ideas

There is nothing more enjoyable on a cold winter day than sitting around the fire and enjoying cozy winter treats! We rounded up our top twelve tastes of winter – so you will have some beautiful moments with these Easy Winter Snack Ideas and the ones you love. Easy Winter Snack Ideas Peppermint Punch: Peppermint ice cream, ginger ale, and […]

How to Make Pepper Steak With Gravy

I know a lot of people search for how to make pepper steak with gravy, as it is a southern classic. Being a tad lazy, I have a version that uses just a cast-iron skillet and is a little zippier than what you are used to. My One Pot Pepper and Steak Dinner will soon become your favorite version of this […]

Easy Instant Pot Blueberry Jam Recipe

I told a friend that I was making my Instant Pot Blueberry Jam, and the first thing I heard was, “Can you can jelly in the Instant Pot?” My friend is perfectly normal as a frequently asked question around the internet is whether or not you can pressure-can in the Instant Pot — and the answer is simply no. Unless you […]

Banana, Maple & Bacon Muffins to Drool Over

We believe that bacon is the candy of meats. Seriously. That is why these banana, maple bacon muffins just ROCK. WHen y ou take a bacon muffin and add in banana, and then maple too? Be prepared to start drooling! We love this recipe because it is simple, the muffins are wonderfully moist and that cinnamon-vanilla combination really adds a […]

12 Things I Learned From a Seasonal Warehouse Job

12 Things I Learned From a Seasonal Warehouse Job? I know, it sounds like one of the last things you would expect to hear me talk about if you have been following along since 2010. If you know me, you know that I am like that meme where a brain is referred to a computer that has multiple screens open, […]