15 Fun and Cheap 30 Minute Meals

Cheap 30 minute meals? Sometimes, we have a crazy week and simply need quick and easy meals so we don’t stray from our meal planning and money saving goals. That is where our 15 Fun 30 Minute Meals come in! We are all crazy in the summer – shuttling kids to camp, enjoying the pool on hot days, or hitching […]

Whimsical Mermaid Tail Cookies

We covered a Mermaid birthday party several years ago – complete with free printables. (See it here) These whimsical mermaid tail cookies would have fit right in – but are still perfect for that little princess in your life. While this meay seem a little bit putzy, this recipe makes 2 to 3 dozen cookies. You can eaisly take on […]

Weekly Meal Planner Tips to Save Time

Meal planning is a great way to save time for busy individuals and families alike since food is the main focus of the family. When you’re making a meal plan you want to find recipes that the entire family will like and you can cater to everyone in the family on different days of the week with ease. Knowing what […]

Kid-Friendly Fruits and Veggies

Everyone needs to eat multiple servings of fruits and vegetables every day, kids included. Unfortunately, a lot of fresh produce isn’t on kids’ top favorite foods list. These tips and tricks not only list some veggies and fruits kids tend to prefer, but give you options for encouraging them to eat more of them. Veggies With Dip Just about any […]

Bacon Jalepeno Dip is a Heavenly Mouth Explosion

With a smaller stomach, I often like appetizer size meals for an entree. We also have tappas style dinners a lot which means a collection of different “small plate” offerings. Bacon Jalepeno Dip is a Heavenly Mouth Explosion that fits right in there – a great snack, that with a little support, makes for an incredible meal. You will need: […]

Steps for Transitioning From School to Summer Mode

Many schools are already out for summer break and others are coming to a close! Summer break can be a great time, but going from a structured day to play time all the time, can be a bit hard on children. I have shared some steps below for transitioning from school to summer mode as smoothly as possible!  Some kids find leaving their classmates […]