Super Easy Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

Let’s face it, mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. Very inexpensive to make, they are often a great way to stretch out a meal to feed more bellies. You can put everything from beef stew to chicken a la king over them, or simply bring them to a potluck. You can’t go wrong with our Super Easy Instant Pot […]

Teen Safety Tips For Social Media

In today’s world, anything can be found online, so safety is important now more than ever. There are more users on social media than ever before so safety should be your first priority. Opening up a safe space to speak to your parents about social media and your social media habits. You should know the words “social media” might make […]

Why the KonMari Organizing Method Is Exactly What You Need

Unless you are living in a cave – you have heard of Marie Kondo and her philosophy of organizing called “Konmari”. Her book centers on Kondo’s specific technique of radically decluttering a home or workplace, fashionable her purchasers and also the several attendees of her seminars. It’s a rather rigid technique that will not be for everybody. You will be […]

Instant Pot Spiced Honey Pecan Butter

Spiced Honey Pecan Butter might seem like a strange thing, until you actually try it! I LOVE this on pancakes instad of plain pancake syrup – it turns even pancakes from a boxed mix into a gourmet treat! Add in the fact that you make it in the Instant Pot? This becomes a treat that you can’t help but indulge […]

Foods on Sticks For Kids

Are you struggling to get your kids to eat healthy? Why not put food on sticks! This turns an ordinary lunch into a fun one by still using all the same healthy ingredients as if these different components were in a Bento box. Some kids just need to look at their food in a different way to encourage them to […]

Sinful Coconut Marshmallow Gooey Cookie

There are days that you want a sweet, chewy, and chocolate treat and these Sinful Coconut Marshmallow Gooey Cookies are just the ticket! Just looking at them, it is like a party in your hand, with just the abundance of mini marshmallows and chocolate chips just looking back at you! You will need: 2 1/4 C flour 1/4 C Hershey […]