Succulent Instant Pot Mongolian Beef

I received an Instant Pot before Christmas for review and am now starting to reap all of the perks of this magical machine! This Succulent Instant Pot Mongolian Beef is just the tip of the iceberg for what we have coming yet. You will be as amazed as we are with this magical appliance and understand why the Consumer Reports […]

How to Save on Protecting Your Eyes

Taking care of aging parents, I have learned one thing: take care of your eyes NOW. Both of my husband’s parents were blind by the age of 80. She was the victim of Diabetes – where she didn’t take cake of herself and chose not to tell anyone she was having problems seeing until it was too late. Diabetic Retinopathy […]

An Irish Classic: Our Bangers and Mash

Outside of the British Isles, these English Breakfast Sausages aren’t known very much for anything other than the title Bangers. Adding the Irish mashed potatoes and you have the traditional plate , the Irish Classic: Bangers and Mash. Why do we serve it with peas? When Andy and I hit London in January of 1998, we really hit the food […]

Wraps Kids Will Love

If you want to make your child a lunch that is yummy, but not another boring sandwich, a wrap is a great alternative. You can reduce the carbs by using a lettuce leaf or low-carb tortilla for the wrap, plus it can be filled with just about any ingredients you want. Here are some kid-friendly wraps to consider making. Peanut […]

Traditional Irish Soda Bread

My family be Irish. I may have married into the Norwegian culture and learned to make things like lefse, but the Emerald Isles is where my mother’s family hails from. I have been eating this Traditional Irish Soda Bread since I was a wee gal. I have fond memories of standing next to my mum, in the kitchen, and working […]