Apple Pepper Jelly Made in the Instant Pot

A lot of people are familiar with Pepper Jelly – and how versatile it is! You can use it SO MANY WAYS Like by mixing it with with cream cheese for a dip.  How about using it as a dipping sauce for jalapeno poppers? It is great mixed into a meatloaf, spooned over a pork roast, even on scrabled eggs! […]

Outfitting Your Small Business Office for Success

For many people looking to start a small business or work from home, it’s hard to know what’s necessary when trying to set up a productive office environment, especially if you have children you need to care for! It’s easy to fall into the trap of outfitting the place with unnecessary décor or tech, but in truth, you should try […]

Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras King Cake Monkey Bread

I have been blessed to visit New Orleans both before and after Hurricane Katrina blew through it and absolutely LOVE the city. The people. The food. The Music. There really is no other place like it on earth. This is my homage to Fat Tuesday – our Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras King Cake Monkey Bread. If you have heard about […]

Captain Marvel Has Caught Our Attention

It’s about time: a Marvel Movie dedicated to a strong female role model! As a mother of a tween girl, we do NOT believe that a “man is the plan”. Sadly, that is a lot of Disney classic films and Disney knows it! They made fun of that fact in the latest Wreck it Ralph movie – saying that “Does […]

Instant Pot Enchilada Quinoa Casserole

I don’t know about you, but when the weather is chilly, I dream of tropical locations and foods. One of my favorite vacations was a college trip to Puerto Escondido where I ate seafood on the beach, had the best enchiladas of my life and discovered mini Coronoa beers called Coronitas. Combining that set of memories with my handy dandy […]

Irish Shepherd’s Pie Takes Me Back to Childhood

I just love comfort food! Any meal that makes me think about sitting around the table, as a kid, with my family is a gem to keep in my recipe file. That is what this Irish Shepherd’s Pie does, taking me right back to childhood! The traditional Shepherd, or Cottage Pie, is basically a meat pie with a mashed potato […]