Instant Pot Bacon Deviled Eggs

I know, you must be sick of hearing me rave about my Instant Pot, but I can’t help it! This gem works like a charm and does so incredibly much! These Instant Pot Bacon Deviled Eggs of mine are just another great upscale version of a traditional treat and a jiffy to whip up!   Instant Pot Bacon Deviled Eggs […]

Costs to Anticipate When Flipping a House

Reality television these days is full of home repair and flipping programs, and they just make it all look so easy. But flipping a house and actually making a real profit might not be as easy as you think. Yes, purchasing a decently-priced house, renovating it and then selling it for more than you paid definitely seems doable, but you […]

How to Make the Best Instant Pot Taco Pie

Easy. Impressive. Tasty. To me, that is like the holy trinity of food! If it is easy to make you can teach a younger person how to do it. If it is impressive, you can serve it with confidence to a guest. If it is tasty, you will want to add it to your stable of recipes to enjoy again […]

15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time

If you are bored with the same old food you are having for dinner, then this is the right article for you! Here I have listed some of my themed dinner ideas that will change the monotony of food that goes into your belly. Meal planning can be such a burden on everyone. But, by not preparing meals on your […]

How To Beat Summer Boredom This Year

It’s Summer time and the kids are out of school, finally! However, the novelty starts to fade and Summer boredom hits, and you might be feeling overwhelmed! These tips to help Summer boredom will make Summer a less stressful time for everyone by keeping everyone entertained and happy all Summer long! Water activities. Water activities are a great way to […]