Strawberry Mint Julep Moonshine Treat

I know we have chatted about moonshine before and this Strawberry mint julep moonshine treat is totally seasonal with the fresh strawberries being in season. Make sure you save a few after you pick berries, earmark them to make this tasty treat! You will need: 6 cups of Everclear 2 cups Strawberries ( thinly sliced) 1 cup of fresh mint […]

Unwrapping the Mysteries of Craft Chocolate

If it is one thing we love, it is a great hobby! Taking on the making of something so you can master it is not only rewarding but fun! We have seen the trend in the craft beer movement, the craft coffee movement and now? Craft Chocolate is the hot craze! Personally, I think chocolate is the fifth food group […]

Easy Peasy Instant Pot Mexican Pasta

Sometimes, you have that beyond crazy day and need to get dinner on the table – pronto! This Instant Pot Mexican Pasta dish is just the ticket and is very quick from start to finish. I think I fell in love with my Instant Pot all over again! Only 12 Smart Points You will need: 1 lb Ground Turkey 2 […]

Welcome Money Smart Week Lecture Attendees!

It was great being able to spend a little time with you, sign books, and share a few things that I have learned over the years. Here is a list of some great money saving offers AND sites to sign up and earn free gift cards, etc. Let’s dig in and get to those money saving links! 40 Ways to […]

How to Keep Your Meal Planning Organized in Your Planner

It’s no secret that meal planning offers a wealth of benefits. You never have to worry about what to cook your family again. Everyone gets to enjoy dinners without getting bored of the “same old thing.” Plus, meal planning lets you budget your grocery money so you purchase what you need and nothing more. The trick is deciding how to […]

Instant Pot Lemon Chicken Piccata And Asparagus

Since my surgery, chicken and fish are the “go to” meats for meal planning and after four weeks of a liquid diet? The zesty addition and tang of a lemon to this Instant Pot Lemon Chicken Piccata And Asparagus recipe brings a party to my taste buds. This is beyond easy to make, looks incredibly impressive when dished up, and […]