Three Ways to DIY Your Winter Decor

As the crisp fall weather turns frigid and winter looms on the horizon, many DIY enthusiasts begin to get excited. Winter is one of the most exciting seasons for decorations and also one of the most versatile. From new and exciting Christmas ideas to warm and engaging winter comfort decor, decorating for winter is fun. There are oceans of do-it-yourself ideas […]

Pomegranate Blueberry Moonshine

Moonshine is SOOO hot right now so I have had fun playing with different recipes. Darn, that means I have to taste test them too…ha! With the abundance of in season pomegranates right now, this pomegranate blueberry moonshine is just the ticket to refresh and relax you.   You will need: 4 cups of Everclear ( 1 cup in each […]

Santa’s Favorite Reindeer Brownies

These adorable lil’ guys are Santa’s Favorite Reindeer Brownies. The recipe makes a 9×13 pan full of reindeer brownies that you can quickly dress up and come out looking like the parenting rock star you are! It is a perfect treat for those uber busy parents who still want to “make it themselves” OR a great project to involve the […]

Good or Subprime Credit? 5 Credit Tips for Holiday Shopping

The National Retail Federation recently announced that holiday retail sales will increase between 3.6 and 4 percent for a total of $678.75 billion to $682 billion this year, up from $655.8 billion last year – that’s a lot of shopping and potential credit vulnerability. If you’re one of the many Americans preparing to open your wallet and swipe your cards […]

Gingerbread Oreo Truffles

 Gingerbread is simple the flavor of the holiday season! It makes for a perfect treat to gift anyone, and when turned into these adorable little truffles, you are sure to get cries of delight! You will need: 1 package of regular golden Oreos (36 cookies) 1 8oz cream cheese, softened 3 TBSP molasses 2 tsp ginger 1 tsp cinnamon 1 […]

Whimsical Chocolate Filled Turkey Cups

This was something that fed into my incredible need to “over-do” something. These Whimsical Chocolate Filled Turkey Cups are certainly a show stopper for the dessert on Thanksgiving. It’s a bit fussy but so worth it – just look at how adorable they are and they are totally edible! Whimsical Chocolate Filled Turkey Cups Recipe Type: Dessert Author: Dannelle Serves: […]