Ways to Save at T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx is a great store when it comes to getting fantastic deals on clothes and household items. But, if you know the right tricks, you can maximize the savings every time you shop there. Here are a few tips to consider. Look for the Yellow Tags T.J. Maxx uses yellow price tags to draw attention to products that won’t […]

7 Things to Always Buy New

disclaimer: While this is a sponsored post, the thoughts are mine. I am all about bargain shopping, but there are just some things that should never be purchased used in my opinion. This handy little list are the top 7 things to always buy new. Here is my list of seven things that you should always buy new: Baby Car […]

Attracting Birds to a New Feeder

If you’re  having a hard time getting birds to come to your recently installed feeder, the first step is to be patient. It takes the birds in your area a few days to notice the new food source. If, after that time,  they still can’t find the new feeder, here are some steps to take to make it as noticeable […]

Uses for Leftover Bread

How many times do you end up with leftover bread that gets stale too fast and ends up in the trash? If you don’t like throwing away food, consider the following uses for bread that might otherwise get thrown away.             Make Homemade Croutons Leftover stale bread makes great, crunchy croutons. Just chop up a few slices, or run them […]

Save $200 Per Year With This One Tip

If you are like most people, you could handle adding a little extra to our budget.  Saving money can be easy sometimes if you just put in a little extra effort. This one tip can help your family to save an extra $200 every year. What’s this one tip we are talking about, you ask?  Well, if you carry “extras” […]

Fun Themed Halloween Costume Party Ideas

Halloween is a great holiday, there is so much you can do and dressing up is one of them. You can be whatever or whoever you want, another fun thing about Halloween are the parties that bring with them all sorts of treats and goodies. Why not mix them together and make a costume themed party, I’m sure it has […]