Fall Fun M&M Monkey Bread

School has just started here and that means a series of days filled with running around from school to after school activities, to homework and practices. Run, run, run, run and run some more! We always are looking for quick and easy treats to recharge ourselves and keep going until dinner time…and this up-scaled monkey bread fits the bill. Don’t […]

The Best Cheesy Cheetos Cookies Recipe

Why in the world would you be interested in The Best Cheesy Cheetos Cookies Recipe? Do you love Cheetos, but find it hard to stop at just a few? No worries! This easy recipe will let you enjoy the cheesy goodness of Cheetos any time you want. The best part is that this recipe only requires three ingredients so it’s […]

Easy Peasy Tamale Pie

I simply adore Mexican food, but am allergic to bell peppers. When I find a recipe that lets me enjoy the yumminess but not make me sick? I like to share and this Tamale Pie is just the ticket. 16 Smart Points Per serving! You will need: 1 small box of Jiffy corn bread mix 1 large egg, room temperature […]

Fun Fall Football Cookies For Your Fan

Is there anything better than sitting in a bleacher, in the crisp fall air and cheering on your favorite football team? Ever wanted a fun treat to share with your friends at your super bowl party? Do you tailgate? These days the importance of football food cannot be denied just like the game itself. The regular grocery store treats or […]