Chicken Parmesan Sheet Pan Dinner

My new addiction? Sheet Pan Dinners! What could be bad about having one dish to wash that has the entire dinner on it? OK, I cheat with this to cook pasta and add at the end, but this Chicken Parmesan Sheet Pan Dinner is totally the bomb! It’s only 16 Smart Points per serving!   ingredients  6-8 (6 oz) boneless […]

Crazy Witch Brew Raspberry Cocktail

This sweet, yet tart, treat is perfect for tantalizing the taste buds on All Hallows Eve – are you brave enough to try it? The fresh raspberries add a delightful twist to this cocktail when combined with the ginger beer – I guarantee you that all of our Ghoul Friends will love this Witch Brew! Crazy Witch Brew Raspberry Cocktail […]

Witches Brew Potion Cocktail

I have been having a lot of fun playing with different batches of fun drinks to update my Fabulous Drinks Gays Love cookbook and this Witches brew potion cocktail is another feather in our cap! This is a treat for all the big gobblins in your life as it is alcoholic! The fun green color is thanks to lime sherbet […]

Melon Flavored Witches Brew Moonshine

Halloween is not just for the kiddies, it is for anyone who is a child at heart! This is a fun way for the adults to celebrate: with this tasty Melon Flavored Witches Brew Moonshine recipe! This treat enlists the help of Everclear to give it that bite or hint of “poison” to the potion – I first tried it […]

Hostess Halloween Bat Treats From Twinkies Are Super Easy to Make

Halloween Bat Treats? As Miss Sarah gets older, she is involved in more things and has me running her all over. I still love to make fun treats, I just find myself short on time and need quick solutions like these super easy-to-make bat Twinkies! I can’t help it – I LOVE bats and have even written about them on […]

Mickey Mouse Ding Dongs Jack-O-Lantern Treat

I love to put fun surprises in Miss Sarah’s lunch box and make her the talk of the lunch table. This simple treat is way simple to make and uses store bought ingredients. It is a huge timesaver and yet, impressive. You will need: 1 package of chocolate ding dongs 1 cookie sheet fitted with wax paper 1 mickey mouse […]