Easy-Peasy Patriotic Deviled Eggs

I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer holidays and anything goofy to go with them so these Patriotic Deviled Eggs just fit the bill to be something familiar and yet different for a celebration! You will need: 1 package of eggs (12 eggs) red and blue food dye 1 large pot to boil the eggs 1 large bowl for ice water 1/2 […]

Power Packed Red Ranger Punch

Movies where kids are empowered and actually learn to work together? Count me in! This Power Packed Red Ranger Punch is something for the kiddos to enjoy while they watch the just released movie! You will need: 1 46oz can red punch 1 48oz bottle apple juice 1 48oz bottle cranberry juice 1 liter of bottle ginger ale Ice cubes […]

How to Care for a Senior Pet

Is your pet beginning to grow older? If so, he or she may require extra care. Pets are generally considered geriatric once they reach age six or seven. With age comes a whole new and unique set of challenges. Here are some tips on how to care for a senior pet: Make regular appointments with the veterinarian. Your vet will […]

Crazy July Holidays to Celebrate

Looking for a reason to celebrate this summer? Obviously, you don’t need a reason to host a barbecue or pool party. But, celebrating any of these crazy July holidays adds a unique twist to a summer bash. World UFO Day (July 2) July 2 is the date officially associated with the mysterious “Roswell Incident” in Roswell, New Mexico. It’s the […]

Terrific Trivia for the 4th of July

With the 4th of July we, as Americans, hear that we should be proud to be Americans. The Lee Greenwood song, told us that we are proud because we know we are free. So, we’ve come up with a list of trivia for the 4th of July. Let’s see how much you know when it comes to America and the […]

Help Your Spouse Build Confidence

If your spouse is lacking confidence in themselves, they may find it difficult to have confidence in your relationship. Helping them build confidence will ultimately lead to a happier, healthier relationship long-term. So how do you help build confidence? It’s not as hard as you may think. 1. Positive words. Your spouse works hard, deals with difficult people daily and […]