Unicorn Poop Cookies

Basically, these Unicorn Poop Cookies are just meringue cookies — pretty fat-free but don’t tell your tween that! Easier to make than it sounds, they are sure to amaze your kids. Ingredients: 4 egg whites 1/4 tsp cream of tarter 1/2 C sugar 2/3 C powder sugar 1 TBSP vanilla extract purple, pink and blue gel coloring Directions: Preheat the […]

Agent Hobbs Cocktail

With the new Fast and Furious film out – this is a nod to Dwayne Johnson who plays Agent Hobbs. Although, I would nod to “The Rock” even if he wasn’t in the movie! It was tough coming up with a drink as yummy as he is, but this is what we came up with. Agent Hobbs Cocktail What you […]

A Conversation with Temper Thompson

Who is Temper Thompson? He is the 19-year-old Kindle publishing expert & internet marketer that has been taking the market on at the surprise to a lot of bystanders. I have had the benefit of visiting with him over the last few days and am seriously inspired by this young and unassuming man! Let me tell you a little about […]

Ultimate Guide For Pet Lovers

You are going to love our Ultimate Guide For Pet Lovers!  This is all about helping you be the best dog or cat parent you can become.  For many families, pets are an extension of their family.  They become an integral part of your life and a wonderful companion.  Pet lovers everywhere need help sometimes to become the best pet parent […]

How to Make and Sell Awesome Stuff on Etsy

Are you searching for a way to make a little extra cash at home? Do you enjoy making stuff? Then Etsy may be exactly what you’re searching for. Etsy is an online community made up of people just like you. It’s a place where you can go to sell your homemade items and buy items other people have for sell. […]

Incredible Pear Raspberry Loaf

One of the perfect treats in summer is our Incredible Pear Raspberry Loaf. Of course, while the raspberries are fresh and in season, this is more affordable to make but it is amazing with a great cup of tea at any time of the year. Tart raspberries, when added to the delicate sweet pear bread makes for a totally tasty […]