15 Groundhog Food Cute Treats

I fell in love with the Bill Murray Movie Groundhog Day and actually moved to the REAL Groundhog Capital of the world: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Our Jimmy is correct more often than that phony Phil over on the East Coast, but don’t hurt Phil’s feelings and let him know. These 15 Groundhog Food Cute Treats are a perfect way to […]

Why Date Night Matters

We all think dating is something that happens when we first meet someone new, a way to get to know each other and decide if we want to get into a relationship together. Most of us don’t think of dating as something we do after we get married. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together 10 months or 10 years, […]

10 Ways to Save You Have Likely Forgotten About

We all know the typical ways to save, but what about the ones that aren’t quite so typical? Have you ever considered that you may be staring right at a way to save money, but overlooking it because it’s not what you usually think about when you go to save? Most of them are really small ways to save money […]

Easy Shortcuts For Fast Weeknight Meals

Here are some great easy shortcuts for fast weeknight meals for busy parents. When you are juggling work, kids, school and after school activities it can be tough to manage meals for the whole family every night. Getting food on the table easily each night is important for the whole family to run smoothly. Nobody likes a stressed out mom, […]