Back To School Free Planner Printable

Here is another great freebie from us this week: a 26 page planner it will help you organize this entire school year! Calendars, study guide, daily planner, lunch planner, grade tracker and so much more to help make back to school as easy as possible! –>Here is a money-saving tip: put these inside sheet protectors in your home planning binder. […]

Back To School Cheese Toast Rulers

Yes, I am one of those annoying Moms who likes to do crazy stuff for my kid. This one is easy and pretty quick so you can be the mom that the other moms hate too, LOL! Back to school cheese toast rulers Ingredients 3 slices of toast 3 slices of cheese 2 T cream cheese-softened Black food coloring Directions […]

Back To School Free Printables!

It’s that time of year again, where we take all those wonderful photos as our kids journey and to meet their very new teacher. I have a simple print off for you: a sign you can hold up for those great pictures, and the second page is full of fun things that you can tuck into their lunches, just so […]

Adorable Back To School Sugar Cookies!

I know, I know — it is FINALLY that time of year that we send our little ones back to school! These cookies are a fun treat to tuck into lunchboxes or add a note to for that new teacher. Honestly, it really isn’t that hard to make them, and the look VERY impressive 🙂 Back to School Sugar Cookies […]


We just moved into a new house, full of unfamiliar appliances, and several new electrical items.  Naturally, I was curious as to how much it costs to run all these new doo-dads. Voila!  Now, there’s an easy way! The Plug2Know is a very handy litle gadget that measures, over time, the estimated cost of electricity for anything that’s plugged into […]

Ways To Beat The Heat Without High Utility Bills

  This summer the heat has already hit with full force and we are all scrambling to find ways to beat the heat without high utility bills. Other than moving to a cooler climate immediately, most of us have to find a functional way to cope with the heat and hope we can keep the bills to a minimum. Here […]