8 Great Summer Grilling Tips

8 Great Summer Grilling Tips With summer in full swing, here’s hoping your grill is getting a workout so far this season.  In case it’s still covered and collecting dust, here are 8 great grilling tips to help you break it out and start grilling now. So, get out there and grill it! Clean it.  Get out that amazing grill […]

Summer Date Ideas

These summer date ideas will give your dates a refreshing pick me up during the heat of the summer. No matter what type of activity you choose to encounter on your summer dates, the most important thing to remember is that you spend one on one time with your spouse. The more experiences you go through together will create a […]

#Marvel #Antman Review

I was beyond tickled to be at a special showing of the movie Antman, it was hosted by none other than Mr Paul Rudd himself! Beyond adorable, with a quick and quirky sense of humor, makes Mr Rudd (as the newest addition to the #Avengers franchise) a huge hit! Or, maybe I should say “tiny” hit. He jokingly referred to […]

Lemonade Recipes Just For Mommy

Yep..I’m packing and moving, moving and packing – in July heat! I LOVE cooling off at the end of a day with lemonade — but my lemonade isn’t one you share with the kiddos! I have little collection of lemonade recipes that a few blogger friends have shared. Enjoy! Lemonades Just for Mommy – Recipe Girl –  Spiked Raspberry Lemonade –  […]

How To Avoid Coupon Burnout

4 Tips to Avoid Coupon Burnout & What to Do if It Hits You. How long have you been using coupons? A week? A Month? A Year? Five? Long time couponers, while they love the savings, can easily find themselves running into a fairly common situation. Coupon Burnout. It happens to the best of us after a while. (yes, even […]

How to get the BEST Prices on Diapers

How to get the BEST Prices on Diapers Are you a new mom or do you have a little one in diapers and are looking for ways to get the best price on diapers? I have some great news for you so you can start saving more and get the best price on diapers. How to get the BEST Prices […]