Mama’s Lasagna Recipe

Comfort Food…we all love it! This is a SUPER easy one to make, I actually had the kiddos help me! 34 Smart Points Per Serving Mama’s Lasagna Ingredients: 1 lb Italian sausage 16 oz ricotta cheese…you can add cottage cheese if you wish 2 quarts pasta sauce (I use home-made that I canned) lasagna noodles (package or home-made) 2 cups […]

How to Get Rid of a Sunburn Overnight

Summer is fast approaching us! With that being said, we can all get burned with the Sun being so hot! It is possible for EVERYONE to get burned, regardless of whether you don’t think you will or not…trust me, a skin cancer survivor! Here are my tips on How to Get Rid of a Sunburn Overnight. Whether you have dark […]

How to Stay in Charge of the Home Buying Process

  How to Stay in Charge of the Home Buying Process           You’re currently searching for a home and may feel slightly overwhelmed. Not only are there plenty of details to understand and homes to consider, the process is going to take a lot of time too. Don’t get too overwhelmed, but simply think of the basics. You need to start […]

5 Rules For Weight Loss

Summer is here! Which means things like swimsuit shopping and the temptations of ice cream! Funny how those two things happen at the same time isn’t it? Luckily, summer also means it’s time for farmer’s markets and nice weather to get active! Getting healthy can be hard when you are making the switch, but it is so rewarding! It may […]

How to Have A Baby On A Budget

How to Have a Baby on a Budget Babies can be very expensive – if you let them. There are ways you can save on the costs and be able to enjoy your new bundle of joy without breaking the bank. Becoming frugal in terms of baby gear and clothing is important so you aren’t feeling any unnecessary stress during […]

Teaching Children How To Fish

Teaching children how to fish Teaching a child to fish opens up decades for enjoying fine food, accomplishment, good fellowship, patience, and an excuse to grow a four day beard. How then should one go about it? 1)      START FROM A BOAT: Trolling from a boat is the safest, most controllable environment. Starting on a river is an invitation to […]