7 Ways to Buy What You Want For Less

There is tons of advice out there on how to get the things your family needs for less, but not a whole lot when it comes to getting the things you want. Living a frugal lifestyle does not have to mean living bare bones and never purchasing anything your heart truly desires. It just means doing it in a smart […]

Elegant Raspberry Linzer Tartlets

I was sent a neat package from Bob’s Red Mill to try out — and couldn’t wait to see how their almond meal and almond flour worked with my Linzer Tart recipe! I normally use whole almonds, that I roast and coarsely chop, but the almond meal saved a TON of time and didn’t sacrifice the texture or flavor. {Love that!!} Instead of […]

Rennebohm’s Brownie Recipe {April Fools!!}

Brownies make for the perfect April Fools Day joke! Simply cut out is from brown paper bag. Put them in a large baking pan and cover them with foil. Take them to your favorite friends, family, coffee group and let them know that you brought them brownies! Brown Es… Get it?  {insert groan here} If you are really taking about brownies…there […]

Child Friendly Caramel Corn

It’s hard to keep track of everything that little people shouldn’t eat, simply because it’s a danger to them! Popcorn is another one of those things, and this Child Friendly Caramel Corn lets you make a fun treat for them that isn’t a danger of them choking on. I got this recipe from my scrappin’ buddy Miss Tracy – she […]

Toffee Cookie Bars

Sometimes you like something sweet but don’t want it “over the top”. These Toffee Cookie Bars are the perfect answer for that — and are a sure crowd pleaser for any party!  Toffee Cookie Bars Ingredients: 2 Cups flour 1 Cup brown sugar 1 Cup butter 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 6 chocolate candy bars, lightly chopped* 1 […]