10 Things You Should Never Pay More Than $1 For

  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be better about my spending, and really, isn’t that something we can always be working on? I have always shopped my local Dollar Tree for little toy items, party favors and holiday decorations, but recently I have been really paying attention to what is in the store and trying out some […]

52 Week Money Challenge!

One of the things I hear the most often from people is:  HOW can I save up money when it takes everything we have (practically) to keep going right now? Simple: Small Steps. Whether you are trying to build your emergency fund, stick money into your kiddo’s college fund or even pop cash into your own retirement, this is a […]

FREE Printable Grocery List

I know, I know, I have talked endlessly about Favado and how great it is! Here is the thing — it’s nice to have a list on the fridge, that you update as you use things so you can PLAN your grocery list! I have a FREE printable for your pleasure –> Operation40k grocery shopping list fill Maybe you prefer a totally blank list? You can […]

Egg Nog Cookies

I would never have thought of Eggnog Cookies until my friend Chantel brought them to a cookie exchange party a few years ago…but they are now one of our favorites and they freeze well too. This is great because, being a seasonal item, Egg Nog isn’t always around. These cookies taste yummy in March or April too. It’s a great […]


One of my dearest holiday memories, involves the Kesslers. They were family friends that we visited every New Year’s Eve…and the grandmother was a sweet little Irish lady named Genevieve. She made the best Rosettes, which are delightfully thin and delicate cookies. If you have any double as to whether you might like these or not, think of a funnel […]