Hand Popped Dinner Rolls

I live in Wisconsin because it is legal to have five starches on the same plate. If some fit was bread? Even better! That is why I love this recipe, I can make it one time a week and be set for all the dinners over the week. As a bonus? They can make nice sandwich rolls too! Hand Popped […]

Blender Hollandaise Sauce

When you say “with Hollandaise sauce” people always go “oooohhhh”. It’s one of those SIMPLE things to make that people think is so complicated. Did you know that you can make it, in the blender, and it keeps almost 2 weeks in your fridge? Seriously! Just think of Eggs Benedict, Asparagus with sauce, Seafood Omelettes — all at your fingertips! […]

Classic Apple Sausage Walnut Dressing

Would it be a holiday without stuffing or dressing to go alongside that baked turkey or roasted ham? Our family calls it “Dressing” because we usually take a store mix and “dress” it up. You can do Stove Top, Pepperidge Farm, etc – any of those will work. The end result is something totally “plate lickable” and your table guests […]

Easy Peasy Sweet Potato Balls

This is a super easy, yet impressive treat for the holiday table. Did you know, that if you could pick only ONE vegetable, you should pick the sweet potato because it is so incredibly loaded with nutritional goodness? These sweet potato balls can be made ahead of time and really amaze people on a buffet! OK, sweet potatoes rock nutritionally […]

How to Make Green Bean Casserole

It is funny to think that green bean casserole was created by a happy accident from the Home Economic’s Department at Campbell’s Soup decades ago. We have this as a staple each year for the holidays. I know — not exactly gourmet but it’s a holiday staple at our house, thanks to my husband and Pop. Dorcus Rilly is the […]

A Recipe for a Momma’s Legendary Cranberry Relish Salad

My momma’s cranberry relish salad is legendary. She has been making it for as long as I can remember for every fall holiday and we all looked forward to it. It’s so good that people came to our house specifically to eat this dish! Let’s face it – there is nothing like the tart balance of cranberries to balance out […]