Meal Planning Made Easy!

We saved $40,000 in less than a year and you can too! •Almost half of that was Just by changing our food patterns. •Shopping smarter at the store with coupons saved over $12,000 •Stopping the ‘going out to eat habit’ saved over $7,000 •Meal planning makes $ense financially! WHY meal plan?           1) Save Money!      •It really doesn’t matter […]

Pumpkin Bread Pudding Recipe

A delicious fall treat, perfect for dessert (or breakfast- it has eggs, bread and milk in it…) Choose your favorite bread, bakery bread or bagged bread- I love to use the Pepperidge farm swirl bread for even more flavor, especially brown sugar or pumpkin spice! **This often goes on sale and I will buy a few and freeze them, recipes […]

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Biscotti

It’s cooler now in Wisconsin and that leads us into prepping for the days where the kiddos come home from school chilled. I have the Keurig ready with cocoa K Cups for Miss Sarah and stocked with French Vanilla Cappucchino for us adults. Either way, we top it with whipped cream, a few sprinkles and some sort of treat. This […]

Girl Scout Thin Mint Scone Recipe

I was sent FREE product for review from CoffeeMate — the recipe is mine and all opinions of how yummy it is are mine (but should be yours too!) Who doesn’t like Girl Scout Cookies? Thin Mints is the NUMBER ONE selling cookie in the US — it even beats out Oreos! I was given the new Girl Scout Flavored […]

Blueberry Orange Muffins

We like a lot of fresh baked goods around here — it’s SO easy to keep going once the oven is already warm — so I do a “baking session”. In on short amount of time, I can knock off treats for breakfast and after school – that last all week. This is another simple treat – muffins! They are […]

Chicken Pot Pies!

It’s the time of year we turn to comfort food and there is nothing better than the bowl of comfort you can find in homemade chicken pot pie. Have you ever been curious as to what is the difference between a good chicken pot pie and a GREAT one? One word: Tarragon That simple herb turns it into a gourmet […]