Pickling 101

Most people think of “pickles” as pickled cucumbers and only as a garnish. Did you know you can pickle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables? Pickles of one kind or another have been made for more than 4000 years and are so popular in the United States that at one time 40% of the pickle production was earmarked for […]

Teacher Appreciation Week: Day One

Thank You for making me one STAR Student! Yup, I know, corny. But it’s a SWEET sentiment and it really works for a 6 year old when passing out a little treat to the staff at school. This was S-I-M-P-L-E.I made cupcakes! Using the Star Tip, I piped frosting on and used patriotic sprinkles, in star shapes. From there, the […]

Survey Wisconsin

Today, I got some restaurant gift cards FREE with my points…. before that? I got this Home Theater System FREE with my points.I didn’t even have to pay for shipping! Super cool – right? THANK YOU Survey Wisconsin!! My Friend Amy tipped me off to this – a local survey/research company that also does paid product panels. She actually got […]