It’s Done!

First things first:I am NOT a “natural seamstress”.In fact, this is the FIRST thing I have ever made with a pattern! Sure, the applique stuff is easy enough…cut out fabric, pin it or “stitch witch” it to the shirt and then zigzag stitch around the edges. The skirt, a different matter.Last summer, I found a bunch of patterns at a […]

A Simple Shirt…

Now, before we get started, this is HALF of an outfit I am making for Miss Sarah.The T-shirt was $2.50 at Michael’s craft store – as part of a sale.If you look closely a the black print fabric,you will see that it was used on the Snowman Turtleneck set that I made her and her friend for Christmas.(see it HERE) […]

Oreo Kahluha Birthday Cake

So, the hubster turned 50 yesterday! We could have gone one of two ways with this… the classic “Over the Hill” party or something a little more creative. His absolute favorite treat in the world? Cookies! We decided on a Cookie Monster Party and told everyone to bring a package of cookies for a gift. He loved it! You already saw the […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts For the Chef At Heart

Make your beloved blush this valentine’s day with these sweet Valentine’s day gifts. Valentine’s day is one of those days of the year that raises alarm bells for most of us. The Valentine’s day is around the corner and you might be looking kitchen gadgets to your loved ones. It is important for the Valentine’s day gifts to be sweet […]

Easy Candied Pickles — DELISH !!

.Just look at these beauties! I have grown up on them — thanks to my Mom’s Aunt Florence. These candied pickles are SUPER easy to make and frighteningly addictive. I am serious, LOL! The best part? Only three ingredients are needed and they last FOREVER in your fridge. Easy Candied Pickles You will need: One large (gallon size) jar of dill […]

Try Our Thin Mint Popcorn

Here is a fun recipe – JUST in case you have a few Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies setting around…(Like they really last that long, LOL!) It is SUPER yummy and I wish I could credit who I got it from but it’s been a few years. Enjoy!     Thin Mint Popcorn 1 1/2 bags light microwave popcorn, popped […]