12 Days Of Christmas…

THAT is what we did for the hubster this year … Miss Sarah and I gave him a gift everyday, for 12 days.We were off to a bumpy start when we couldn’t find Day #1’s gift. {sigh}It turns out – it was wrapped up and added to a package collection for a little girl that we picked off  a Giving […]


Remember my Christmas In July post where I shared my holiday plans?I did it.I made that cute Snowman Shirt AND a matching headband (A DIY post coming later…)We also made a set for her BFF … both are sized large enough to wear this year AND next year.Some of you may be thinking “Snowmen”? In Wisconsin, this is seasonal for […]

Use Leftover Candy Canes to Make Valentine Suckers

It’s a no-brainer to buy holiday clearance items the day or two after the holiday has passed…usually, they are lined up to get cards, gift bags, wrapping paper and more for NEXT year at rock bottom prices. Use Leftover Candy Canes to Make Valentine Suckers and you have a gluten free class treat that cost pennies on the dollar! They […]

When you have a LOT of potatoes…

USE THEM! They are SUPER inexpensive this time of year — I think I paid $1.19 for a TEN POUND bag at Aldi this week. That makes them $0.12 a pound. Talk about a GREAT way to stretch your budget! Now, you don’t want them just sitting around, get busy with them!Peel them…Yes, ALL of them…keeping the peeled ones in a […]

Yuletide Cranberry Jam Recipe!

This strawberry – cranberry jam recipe is a delightful treat that is perfect for giving as a gift for anyone! Today’s idea is yummy and super easy to make! Three ingredients and you have a killer freezer/fridge jam, or process the jars to make them shelf stable. It’s great on everything from Angel Food or Pound cake, to toasted English […]