DIY Thursday: Instant Oatmeal !!

As the weather turns, it is time to think of yummy “comfort foods” like hot oatmeal in the morning. Yum! This is something I have shared at Tupperware parties for almost 20 years now… it is SO easy and comes out to being a lot less expensive as well as having less preservatives/chemicals to feed your family. Talk about a […]

Pumpkin Pancakes!

I simply LOVE fall!  First of all -the amazing canvas God paints as the trees glorify us with their autumn splendor always amazes me. Each year seems more spectacular. 🙂 The cooler weather that lets me sleep with the windows open, the squirrels dancing everywhere as they frantically store their plunder acorns and then, the fall harvest items! Squash, apples, […]

How to Make Pear Honey

I have wonderful memories of visiting my mom’s aunts in Southern Illinois over the summers. Aunt Florence and Aunt Fern reminder her of her mother, who she lost to cancer when she was only four. These two women were different, but had the largest hearts I ever knew. Aunt Fern had a chicken farm, and did a lot of canning. […]

First Day Of School Celebration

Do you do anything special to celebrate that first day of school? It is usually a short day, full of fun and excitement over meeting the new class mates, getting schedules, a quick snack and more. It’s over pretty fast in our neighborhood so we do a special lunch!   Here was her pick – the Indian Buffet!  They have […]

How To Cut Your Grocery By 50% Or More

One of the biggest questions I get asked, it:“How can you keep a $100 a month grocery budget for the four of you (3 people – 1 cat), that includes your personal care items?” Yes, I am a couponer – but I will share a few tips here BESIDES couponing, that will help you cut your grocery bill in half! 1) Selling […]