Fun 4th of July Ideas for the Whole Family

It’s 4th of July and you want to do something fun with your family. You’re looking for ideas that are easy, affordable, and fun! This blog post will give you just that. From food to games to decorations, we’ve got it all in this list of 10 Fourth of July Ideas for the Whole Family! From safety tips to some […]

Princess Popcorn!!!

I had pinned a neat idea – for colored “caramel” corn — from HERE. I had envisioned a batch of pink and purple corn, with Pink Lemonade and Grape Kool Aid. This was a GREAT idea because, when watching the sales, you can stock up on Kool Aid packets for $.05 or less! So I tried her recipe for the pink. […]

My Secret to A-MA-ZING Cherry Jam!

This week I was picking cherries with my buddy Tracy and her kids. The Sour Cherries were ready, almost 6 weeks ahead of normal, thanks to the early heat wave. Sour cherries are different than sweet – they are not good eating cherries but are great for baking and jams! WHY do I go through this minor hassle to make […]