How To Bulk Cook For the Freezer

My 40 meals from 20 pounds of chicken post has already generated a lot of emails, LOL! Here is a post to answer most of the common questions. 🙂 I like to let my crock pot do a lot of the work for me! Simply dump in the meat and what seasoning you want. If I am doing chicken, I […]

40 Chicken Freezer Meals Project!

Yesterday, while picking up a little produce at Aldi – I saw this: Now, I may be the reason God invented “spell check”, but I am an ace at math! That meant $.85/# for boneless, skinless chicken breast – more than 80% off the normal price in this area! Time for Chicken Freezer Meals! I got 4 packs: It came to […]

Meal Pinning (Planning)

In my meal planning class, I talk about having one night a week for “mad science”. That is the day that you try a NEW recipe and let your family decide if it is a “keeper” or not. Here is a list of things that I have found on Pinterest that we are going to try over the next few […]

Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week!

We couldn’t really post what we did for Miss Sarah’s teacher early as she reads my blog, LOL! SO — here is what she got today: A vase of handmade flowers and a balloon! Sarah made some paper flowers: I made some paper flowers: We made a pencil vase (held together by rubber bands instead of glue – so they […]

Chicken Tikka Masala

Miss Sarah and I love our “girls day outs” when we occasionally hit the local Indian Buffet for a fix on Chicken Tiki Masala! A little of that…a little rice…a little Naan (Indian flat bread) and we are in heaven! SHE eats there free, I do not. It runs about $10.00 – but there is a huge selection and dessert too! […]