Wormy Apple Snack

Yesterday was Bunny Cake Pops for the class snack, so today needs to be a healthier option! Wormy Apples it is…ha! Start with a simple paper apple, that says “Have a great day at school” along the side. Punch a hole in it and string a pipecleaner (chennile stem) through it. We added 10 Multi-Grain Cheerios to the back and […]

Amish Friendship Bread: Pancakes!

If you have been playing along with us – today is day #10! It’s time to feed and then bake some yummy goodness! This recipe uses two cups of the “starter” and makes about 16 pancakes that are roughly 4-5″ big. I like to spread them on a cookies sheet and freeze them quickly. In Wisconsin, it is easy this […]

So This Is Miss Sarah…..

We have had a few fun photo shots with different photographers lately. Some have been paid jobs and some, like this one, for the pictures. We now have a full portfolio and are meeting with agents. She LOVES it and this is a simple way to sock more money away for college. =) As long as it’s fun, and she […]

Amish Friendship Bread: Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

This is one that I simply LOVE to make – it gives that sweet, yet tangy smell to the house as you are baking.🙂Looking at my picture – you can see that we have two kinds of people in the house: Those that like things “crunchy” and those that like things soft. The difference is simply 3 more minutes in […]

Valentine’s For Miss Sarah’s Class

THIS Plus THIS Equals THIS So now, you know what our Valentine’s for Miss Sarah’s Class look like this year, LOL! Here is how we made the Pops. I bought mini candy canes after the holiday, on clearance. Took them out of the wrappers and placed on a cookie sheet.   Baked them for a few minutes at 300 degrees and added […]

Tossed Taco Salad for a Crowd

I had this at a pot lock once and fell in love with it! SO easy to make, a complete meal in a plate and great for hot or cold days. 🙂 I keep the dressing on hand, hamburger gravel in the freezer and make my own taco seasoning – so this can be a quick one to whip up! […]