New Amish Starter Recipe: Chocolate Bread

If you have been playing along with us today is Day 10! If you haven’t, you can see my original post HERE. The thought here is that Chocolate is the 5th food group and we should have at least one serving a day, LOL! It also makes for nice host gifts, is great with everything from strawberry jam to Cool […]

How to Make the Best Zucchini Waffles

This Zucchini Waffles recipe is a great way to use up your Zucchinis from the garden. Zucchini waffles are delicious, nutritious and will make your house smell amazing. Zucchini is one of those veggies that you can never have enough of in the summertime. The Zucchinis grow like weeds! You might be wondering what to do with them all? Well, […]

Pre-K Chore Charts [Free Printable]

I LOVE chore charts! Miss Sarah has had one since she was TWO —It incorporated out nightly bedtime routine but had her picking up different toys, brushing her teeth, laying out clothes for the next day, etc. Obviously, the older she gets, the more I tweak it for her abilities. Now she has piano practice and reading sandwiched in there […]

New Amish Starter Recipe: Banana Bread

If you have been playing along with us (from here) — it’s now Day 10! Day 10 Combine in a large bowl: Batter from the bag 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup milk. Stir and pour four, 1 cup starters into ziplock bags. Keep one for yourself (it’s your new starter) and give the other three to friends with […]

Princess Room Update!

Things have been purged… All traces of Noah’s Ark have been removed… The Princess Canvas Prints are all in… The curtains are made (finally…). ….My Mom scored some Princess Dresses in GREAT shape for $1 each  — I think I am going to steam them all, put them on hangers and surprise Miss Sarah by making in “impromptu” closet under […]

Amish Friendship Bread Starters+ Basic Sweet Bread Recipe

I haven’t done this in a long time….it’s time to start it up! I LOVED the different kinds of breads that I made with this super easy and fun way to make baked goods!I can’t wait to get Miss Sarah involved with it either. She can measure things when we “feed it” and stir it by squishing the baggie. This […]