The Family That Tupperware Built

As read at the 2006 National Convention by Kanwar Bhutani, President of Tupperware North America In my life before Tupperware, I owned a restaurant and catering company with my mother. We had over 50 employees. Both of us met our husbands there. It took my husband three months to propose and we were married soon after. I thought I had […]

Cleaning with Vinegar

A re-post of mine — enjoy You have probably seen the list in an email from a friend or on another website – it’s hard to track down where it started, but it certainly is a great item to work with! It’s amazing what this can do — use the white, distilled vinegar for cleaning — other flavors in a […]

We Can’t Afford That…..

Miss Sarah and I saw the move Judy Moodie: Not So Bummer Summer the other day with the Kids Rule summer film series for $2 and one thing jumped out at me: When Judy was asking her Mom to go here….do this… that, the reply was “We can’t afford that”. Being a fruglaista – I like to think of myself […]