DIY Tuesday, the Dinosaur Birthday Party!

I have talked before about Birthday parties and how they can be fun, without costing a mint. These places that charge $13.95 or more per child are really raking in the dough, sadly at the expense of the parent! There are a few things that are important for every party: Invites Activity (games only let 1-2 little people win, an […]

How to Make Bald Eagles

This is a repost of mine – enjoy: Part of the 4th Of July Fun this year. The kids got to make a fun patriotic treat! This year we made “Bald Eagles”. First you take a marshmallow and put it on a fork… then you dip it in white chocolate…Then you roll it in shredded coconut real quick and set it […]

Dinosaur Party Items

Our Dinosaur party was a success — you will learn more on Tuesday’s DIY segment. 🙂We DO have a few things that are up for grabs — if you have a little dinosaur fan who wants a special party too! First, the photo wall: the kids stick their heads through and you snap a picture. We plan to send the […]

Our Easy 4 Ingredient Chili Dog Casserole Recipe

Do you love chili dogs? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t? Well, now there’s a way to enjoy them even more – in the form of a casserole! This chili dog casserole is incredibly easy to make, and it only requires four ingredients. We’re sure you’ll love it! I know Chili Dog Casserole sounds strange — and yummy at the […]