DIY Tuesday, the Dinosaur Birthday Party!

I have talked before about Birthday parties and how they can be fun, without costing a mint. These places that charge $13.95 or more per child are really raking in the dough, sadly at the expense of the parent! There are a few things that are important for every party: Invites Activity (games only let 1-2 little people win, an […]

How to Make Bald Eagles

This is a repost of mine – enjoy: Part of the 4th Of July Fun this year. The kids got to make a fun patriotic treat! This year we made “Bald Eagles”. First you take a marshmallow and put it on a fork… then you dip it in white chocolate…Then you roll it in shredded coconut real quick and set it […]


Meat is one of those items that rarely has a coupon…so, what do you do? Look for your grocery store selling cycle! Most stores have a 6 to 8 week cycle. What does this mean? This week ground beef is on sale for $1.69 a pound. It normally is $2.93 a pound. If you usually eat 1# a week, you […]

Dinosaur Party Items

Our Dinosaur party was a success — you will learn more on Tuesday’s DIY segment. 🙂We DO have a few things that are up for grabs — if you have a little dinosaur fan who wants a special party too! First, the photo wall: the kids stick their heads through and you snap a picture. We plan to send the […]

Our Easy 4 Ingredient Chili Dog Casserole

I know Chili Dog Casserole sounds strange — and yummy at the same time, but you kind of need to know our family history to “get it”. We are part German, part English, part Irish and part Tennessee Hillbilly. Seriously. Did you ever see that black and white movie of Gary Cooper’s called Sergeant York? Yes, my family comes from the […]