The Birthday Party.

I had everything ready for a Princess Party this summer…as I shared here. Sigh. It makes more sense to shelf that for a year and go with a Dinosaur Party this year, as I have a JR. Paleontologist. She was all excited about the Princess Party, but I gave her a choice: Princess or Dinosaur. She didn’t even pause a […]

DIY: Clothing Repair

It’s no secret that prices are jumping right now – the futures market predicted it due to the massive floods and cold snaps in the south this winter. They were right, things are creeping up. (Grrr….) Cotton was one of those things- and this effects the textile buisness. I haven’t made a dress for Ms Sarah in ages as the […]

Marble Brownies

Sometimes … you have the day planned out … and it doesn’t go the way you had planned for it to. Has this ever happened to you? Ms Sarah was supposed to have a sleepover at Grammie’s, but Grumpie was sick🙁Along came plan “b”. A tea party with just us girls, down to the paper lace doilies! What to serve […]