Chicken A La King

This is yummy comfort food at it’s best! Warm, creamy chicken sauce, wrapped around chunks of tender chicken and assorted veggies…ladled over something like popovers. This will warm any soul on a cold day. SOOOOO easy to do, you just start with the filling. Dice your chicken (1# or so) and slowly cook in a pan with a little olive […]

Valentine’s Day Party!

I have talked before about taking advantage of what your church has to offer, in way of programs for socializing. Creating that sense of community it wonderful! It’s great to surround yourself with like-minded people, and set that example for your children. Our church has a Valentine’s Brunch today, from 9:00 am to noon. Brunch,crafts and fun for all family […]

What to Make with Tortillas

Let’s face it: tortillas are cheap. Add in the fact that they are low carb? It makes for a perfect base for a meal. We have rounded up a dozen great ideas for you that help turn this very frugal item into something yummy to feed your family. It’s perfect if you have ever wondered What to Make with Tortillas. […]