Butterfinger Recipes

So yesterday I shared what I stocked up on at Walgreen’s and what I will be going back to get more of: Butterfinger Candy Bars! Here are a few fun ideas for them and a good reason to stock up! I would have to say the last recipe is the most frugal as the ingredients are often on sale (cake […]

3 Easy Tips for Sealing Driveway Yourself

Tips for Sealing Driveway? Curb appeal is a HUGE thing to a home buyer — you need to have everything visibly appealing to help make that killer first impression! I have done a great job with the flower beds, there is always something blooming in my yard – all spring, summer, and fall. When they did the street work a […]

Bald Eagles

Part of he 4th Of July Fun this year. The kids got to make a fun pariotic treat! This year they made “Bald Eagles”. First you take a marshmallow and put it on a fork…then you dip it in white chocolate…Then you roll it in shredded coconut real quick and set it on an Oreo. Then poke a hole in […]