How to Throw a Dog Themed Birthday Party

A dog themed birthday party was on the books for our pre-schooler, leaning more towards the puppy concept. We wanted it to be a little different, in the concept that it would be a service learning opportunity. She already had a ton of toys, more clothes than she could possibly wear, so this seemed like a great option. Make the […]

White Wine Vinegar For Cleaning?

White wine vinegar for cleaning? I don’t know about that, even if a lot of people do a quick google search for it. Distilled white vinegar is really the best option for cleaning with vinegar, and we have 25 different ways for you to do it! While you want to use the white, distilled vinegar for cleaning — other flavors […]

Demystifying How To Make Quiche

This is something that I just rediscovered…I used to make it a lot. It’s frugal, a great way to disguise leftovers, keeps well and reheats well, freezes well and has a ton of variations. Of all the basic recipes I have ever tried, this gets the most compliments. Try it and enjoy! You will need: 3 eggs 1 1/2 cups […]

Easy Peasy Beef Tostadas Recipe with Black Beans

Are you looking for an easy-to-make, delicious beef tostada recipe? This beef tostada dish is simple and tasty. It can be made in less than 30 minutes! Even better, you can make parts of it ahead of time for a fantastic Freezer Meal addition to your rotation. Why do we use black beans? They are high in protein, fiber, and […]

Breakfast Cookies – A Great Way To Start the Day!

We’ve all been told breakfast is THE most important meal and it turns out that it is true! After a good night’s rest, we need a little fuel to kick our bodies into gear. What do YOU do for breakfast? We are usually oatmeal or cold cereal and a piece of fresh fruit or some V8 Fusion Juice (cut 50/50 […]