Getting Rid Of Stuff!

One of the perks of knowing you are moving in a year – you have plenty of time to sort through your house and get ready! Closet by closet, shelf by shelf, I have been sorting things and playing the game of “keep it, pack it, get rid of it”. Getting Rid Of Stuff makes a big difference! I can’t […]

11 Recipes for when Ground Beef is on Sale

Recipes for when Ground Beef is on Sale? The big sale this week was on ground beef – I took a quick peek at my chest freezer and decided that I still had plenty, that’s why you didn’t see it in my list of things I bought this week! A deal is not a deal if you really do not […]

Homemade Treats – Puppy Chow and Cracker Candy

It is OK to have sweets– if they are homemade. When we make things at home, the first ingredient is NOT high fructose corn syrup, it’s good old fashioned sugar! We can use whole wheat flour instead of white, etc. and that is why I am sharing a few family favorites with you: our Puppy Chow Recipe and Cracker Candy […]

7 Recipes for When Chicken is on Sale

What to do when chicken is on sale? Checking out all the sales fliers this week, chicken looks like the big deal. Hyvee has split breasts for $.88 a pound which hands down, beats the other stores! What to do when Chicken is on Sale? It always makes sense to stock up when you are at the lowest price you […]

Beyond Easy Chicken Enchiladas: A Guide to Making Them at Home

Chicken enchiladas are a classic Mexican dish that is easy to make. Chicken enchiladas with canned chicken can be made quickly and are an inexpensive meal option for families on the go. This blog post will provide you with instructions on how to make this delicious Mexican dish at home, no matter your skill level in the kitchen. This recipe […]