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15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time

15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time

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If you are bored with the same old food you are having for dinner, then this is the right article for you! Here I have listed some of my themed dinner ideas that will change the monotony of food that goes into your belly. Meal planning can be such a burden on everyone. But, by not preparing meals on your own you have to order take outs, and that is expensive.

15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time

How about trying to make your meal planning a bit more structured and enjoyable? As you all know, there isn’t a lot of structure in a life of a toddler. That is why all of you should rely on themed dinners, as I do.

My idea of making this work is taking each day of the week and assigning it another theme.

Just so you know, I actually found some enjoyment and sense of structure making this meal plan. This can also help you start to enjoy cooking, which is a little odd if you never liked it.

Here you have a list of themed dinner ideas:

15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time

  1. Pizza Night

Pizza nights are a real delight for the whole family, especially for the kids. They are going to love pizza kabobs and pizza capricious.

  1. Pasta Night

Pasta is a recipe that is really easy to prepare but yet really delicious. My recommendation for you is a chicken parmesan pasta and a one-pot pasta.

  1. Soup Night

As for a soup night, it is a light type of dinner, but it will fill you up. Try eating chicken noodle soup, lasagna soup or a chicken sausage and potato soup

  1. Taco Night

If you haven’t had tacos till now, I can tell you that your kids are going to love them. For this dinner, I recommend oven baked tacos or taco soup.

15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time

  1. Salad Night

And now for a healthy dinner plan you can make kale Caprese salad adding chicken or fish to it, Another salad is a chicken Caesar salad.

  1. Burger night

Regarding a burger night, there is nothing to say except that you should try skillet chicken burgers.

  1. Stir-fry Night

The recipes I’m using for these nights are orange chicken stir-fry and 20-minute beef and broccoli stir-fry.

  1. Slow cooker night

My tip for this night is that you should get a slow cooker and enjoy recipes such as slow cooker steak fajitas or slow cooker French dip sandwiches.

15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time

  1. Grill night

For this night I suggest you should try a perfectly grilled chicken breast

  1. Meatless night

My favorite recipe for a meat-free night is the Spinach Artichoke Lasagna, it is healthy and also tasty.

  1. Breakfast for dinner night

As the name says, for these nights you can eat whatever you eat for breakfast. My suggestion is a sweet potato and mozzarella egg skillet

  1. Fish night

For a fish night, my choice is roasted salmon with asparagus and potatoes, a tasty vitamin bomb.

15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time

  1. Leftovers night

The theme name is clear, just heat up the food from last night.

  1. Take out night

This one is also clear, you just have to order whatever you want.

  1. Sandwich night

The sandwich recipe of my choice is a roast pork and pickled cucumber sandwich. Easy to prepare but yet so delicious.

15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time
15 Themed Dinner Ideas to Spice up Dinner Time


Food planning can be annoying, so I hope that I have made it easier for you and your family!  These themed dinner ideas can be rotated every two weeks and help keep things fresh!