12 Days Of Christmas…

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THAT is what we did for the hubster this year … Miss Sarah and I gave him a gift everyday, for 12 days.

We were off to a bumpy start when we couldn’t find Day #1’s gift. {sigh}

It turns out – it was wrapped up and added to a package collection for a little girl that we picked off  a Giving Tree!  She opened up a Barbie, Holiday Toothpaste Set, Playdoh Set, Bracelet kit and ____ for a grown man.
It would have been fun to see their faces!

Day 2 = Pair of Jeans.
It was the ONLY thing on his wish list — so we got him one.

Day 3 = Cookie Monster T-Shirt.
You need to know that He is the ULTIMATE Cookie Monster. He was actually told once, at an event “Sir, step away from the cookie table. You have had enough.”

Day 4 = An ornament that Sarah made. Sorry, no picture, but it is cute and on the tree.

Day 5 = Fleece Cookie Monster Pants, that matched that T-Shirt. Super warm and perfect for cooler Wisconsin winter nights.

Day 6 = Musical Tie. This gem was found at the Dollar Tree and plays Jingle Bells! Miss Sarah picked it out and it was a HOOT!

Day 7 = a box with 7 packs of Tic Tacs in it. He likes to have them at work, in the car, etc. Fresh breath is always appreciated and they were a red/white mix.

Day 8 = Candy Canes.
Did you know they come in Bacon Flavor?

Day 9 = Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinbeer.

He LOVES Spotted Cow so, we dressed it up a little bit.
{It was a hit}

Day 10 = Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story (his favorite holiday movie)
We saw these babies at Walgreen’s and it was a “impulse” buy for us… but, it might have been his favorite of the whole list, LOL! It wasn’t the full sized version but one that makes for a nice lamp beside the bed.
Yes, I think it is tacky, but sometimes you just have to do it….

Day 11 = Cracker Candy – a whole batch of it.
He likes this stuff so much that he calls it Candy Crack. My recipe is HERE – but we prefer to use Club Crackers instead of Saltines.

That takes us to Day #12….
A gift card to his favorite restaurant.
(Yes, I got a deal on it…)

THAT is what we did for the hubster…. of course, each day had a clever poem too.
On the first day of Christmas
My true loves gave to me…
(the next two lines tied into the gift he was to open).

I have to give Kudos to Miss Sarah!
She helped plan this all AND kept it all secret.  I have never known a kid to NOT spill the beans, one way or another and can’t believe she did such a great job.

That just gave me an idea for next year.

Did you do anything fun and creative for someone this year?

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