​3 DIY Kitchen Organization Tips

​3 DIY Kitchen Organization Tips

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Having your kitchen put together the right way is a huge key to enjoying your time there. Most people put little thought into where things are placed or how they might affect the cooking process. Being organized most certainly makes a difference.

Here are three very powerful kitchen organization tips that will change the way you enjoy your time in the kitchen:

Use vertical space

A lack of counter space is a common complaint among home chefs and it is often easily solved. Look up and around your kitchen and find the areas that are not being utilized. From space above cabinets to a nice hanging rack over the island, vertical space is usually available. These areas can boost your creativity and your space all at one time.

Add baskets to your pantry/cabinets

Baskets keep things tidy and organized and they almost always allow for more space. The best types of baskets are the types that have high enough edges that you can put larger items safely. You also want them to be see through for quick identification. Labels are a must as well.

Install peg board for your backspace

Your back splash and area behind your counter tops is rarely used properly but it can be with a simple bit of installed peg board. Cut the board to fit the space you have and then use this to hang regularly used items. This one tip will save you a few drawers of cabinet space.

DIY kitchen organizing really is all about using what you have to the utmost and not wasting space. What other ideas do you have that you can share with us for organizing your kitchen?​

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